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Problem Gambling Prevention

Would you know a gambling problem if you saw it in a friend, loved one, coworker, patient or student?

Keep it in Perspective

Problem gambling is not a bad habit or a moral weakness. It is a serious condition, but with treatment, problem gamblers can put the game in perspective and make decisions to improve their lives.

Warning Signs

  • Preoccupied with gambling and unable to stop
  • Bragging about gambling, exaggerating wins and minimizing losses
  • Restless and irritable when not gambling
  • Gambling to win back what you’ve lost
  • Borrowing money for gambling
  • Lying to hide time spent gambling or unpaid debts
  • Frequent unexplained absences
  • Losing work time because of gambling
  • Doing something illegal to get money for gambling
  • Jeopardizing a significant relationship or job by gambling

Get Help

Help is available. If you or someone you know may have a gambling problem:

Contact the confidential Maine helpline for information and resources by dialing: 2-1-1 (available in Maine only)

Download a list of resources including helplines, support groups, community recovery centers, self-help workbooks, etc.


Bangor Public Health & Community Services is a Self-Exclusion site.

You may self-exclude at our office during normal business hours, 8:00AM–4:30PM, Monday–Friday. Please bring a photo ID.

Self-Exclusion Brochure

What is Self-Exclusion?

Self-Exclusion is action that a person can take to ban themselves from entering all casinos in Maine for a specific period of time. It also ends any privileges they have with the casino such as check-cashing services. A person can choose to self-exclude for 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, or for lifetime. The Gambling Control Board holds the official self-exclusion list and releases the names only to casino or slot establishments. No one except the Gambling Control Board may release the names of anyone on the self-exclusion list.

How Self-Exclusion Can Help?

A person concerned about their gambling habits may have trouble resisting the attractions inside a casino that can trigger the desire to gamble. Self-exclusion keeps a person from entering into a casino which may reduce the temptation to gamble.

What do I do to self-exclude?

  • Read and sign the State of Maine Gambling Control Board Self-Exclusion Request Form and the Self-Exclusion Waiver of Liability
  • Have a photo taken
  • Receive resources and information about problem gambling and where to go for help.

The photos and completed forms are immediately sent in a secure email to the Gambling Control Board so your name can be placed on the list. All paper forms and copied identifications will be sent to the Gambling Control Board in the next available U.S. mail. None of your information will remain with Bangor Public Health & Community Services. This is a password protected confidential process.

What do I bring to self-exclude?

Bring a government issued photo identification such as drivers license or passport showing your name, current address and date of birth. A state photo ID is acceptable.

You may also provide your Players Card number and social security number.

Please visit The Maine Self-Exclusion Program Web Page for more information.


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